…..a poet, teacher, retired army major, qualified accountant (winner of the 1976 RAPC Apprentice College Accounting Prize), Randy Newman fan and photographer; but mostly a poet and this website is about that. Should a demand emerge for a website detailing his accountancy work he will look into the idea, but is making no promises.He’s a proud member of the Joy of Six, with whom he’s performed from New York to Cromer since 2000. He’s also proud to be an Apples & Snakes associate artist and they produced his show Whistle which received major Arts Council Lottery Fund Awards in 2010 and was shortlisted for Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry Ted Hughes Prize for New Work in Poetry .  It won the 2013 Saboteur Best Spoken Word Show Award.  Most of all he’s proud to be married to Bloodaxe poet Helen Ivory.

During 2010 he produced two books: Whistle with Arrowhead and Boring the Arse Off Young People, an entirely different concoction of funny poems with the fine people at Nasty Little Press. He performed Whistle at Ledbury Poetry Festival and Freeword Flow Festival and will start touring it in 2011. His poem ‘Victor’ won the Poetry Society’s 2010 Hamish Canham Prize.  In 2013 Nasty Little Press published the pamphlet Arthur, a narrative sequence resulting form a commission with the artist Caroline Wright.

He is chair of Café Writers and comperes it with varying degrees of incompetence in Norwich every month.  In 2011 Whistle recieved another major Arts Council Award under the East to Edinburgh scheme to do a full run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It recently completed a regional tour and has a number of dates lining up for 2012, including a weeks run in London (details to follow). Reviews for Edinburgh & subsequent reviews are here.

He’s taught poetry & photography (sometimes both at once) and performance to students from reception classes, MA Groups, support groups, prisoners, excluded pupils and all sorts of other people. He has an MA, with Distinction, in ‘Writing the Visual’ from the then Norwich School of Art & Design.

He’s been touring Whistle to great reviews and modestly sized audiences for over three years now and better get on with new writing – which he is when life gives him the opportunity.  He’s getting out there doing gigs of the other ‘funny stuff’.

He could go on……