Dr Zeeman's Catastrophe Machine

Dr Zeeman’s Catastrophe Machine





Nasty Little Press 2010 £5

Arthur was born between the wars, three weeks premature. On the 28th April 1923 to be precise, while his father was watching his beloved West Ham lose two nil to Bolton Wanderers in the first Wembley FA Cup Final. Arthur loved his parents and he loved buses and boats. He grew up to be quite an odd, but happy boy. The Second World War broke out when he was sixteen years old and changed his life.

“Enthralled by Martin Figura’s ‘Arthur’, poems of love, war and grief, sparely – and beautifully – written.”  Alison Brackenbury



Arrowhead Press 2010 £10

You can get it from PBS or Amazon, but please buy from publishers here if possible, or from me at a reading.

And there’s a show, see the Whistle page. Victor from it won the Poetry Society’s Hamish Canham Prize in 2010.

People have been really kind about this book; please check out the reviews page.

“A rare gift, his photographer’s eye and poet’s ear tell his story with candour, restraint, and perfect detail…” Gillian Clarke

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Boring the Arse Off Young People

Nasty Little Press 2010 £5

I took a break from writing funny stuff for the five years Whistle took. It was great to be back writing stuff to make people laugh.

“I like Martin Figura’s work very much, He’s talented.” Randy Newman

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A Happen Publication 2007 £4

A nice little catalogue of my exhibition of project in Dunstable. There’s an essay of mine in it that I’m quite proud of. Pictures and more detail here.

You can buy it from me.

This Man’s Army

Dewi Lewis Publishing 1998 £5

Photographs of the British Army. Essays by Liz Wells and Antony Beevor with an introduction from Billy Bragg. It had two colour supplement spreads and was exhibited at Side Gallery, Watershed, Photographers’s Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and the Imperial War Museum Collection. Send me a fiver & I’ll send you a copy.