On this page I’ll paste links to some poems that are out there on Vimeo and You Tube; this includes some extracts from the Whistle Show and Joy of 6 performances. I’ll also put other poems up as links to PDFs. Some of them are funny and some of them are serious. I’ll refresh the page with new stuff from time to time. I’ll also use it to showcase poems that don’t embarrass me from the first two books.

Please click the title for further information and to view clips.

Martin Figura destroys at Literary Death Match London’s Red Nose Day spectacular with a series of poems. This, his grand finale, sealed the deal, advancing him to the finals where he was eventually crowned champion.

Excerpts from the Apples & Snakes produced spoken word show.

Whistle Show

Excerpts from the Apples & Snakes produced spoken word show.

Joy of Six

Some of my bits from our sell out show at the ADC for 2008 Cambridge Wordfest.

Other Poems

A selection of poems filmed by Martin Watters and others.


Written in response to Mark Cocker’s wonderful book Crow Country, which has us scurrying off to Buckenham Carrs to witness one of nature’s great sights every autumn and winter. Go at dusk, there is a great view just behind Buckenham Carrs railway station. Previously published in Magma magazine and the Kings Lynn Poetry Festival anthology.

A Dark Age

And this from Ahem in response to Cornelia Parker’s Cold Dark Matter and some dodgy science.

Limpet Shell

A poem that came out of a Katrina Porteus workshop at Poetry-next-the-Sea.

I Work in The Arts Now

Another poem from Ahem that I like.