Whistle Clips

Excerpts from the Apples & Snakes produced spoken word show, filmed by Martin Watters unless otherwise stated. Please select clip title or thumbnail to view.

Love Letters extracts of my mother’s love poems to my father interlinked with a sequence of poems. The letters are read by Helen Ivory. Vineyard Boys a sequence introducing the characters from my time in the Vineyard children’s home.
Victor the poem that won the Poetry Society’s Hamish Canham Prize. Broadmoor Hospital Machine Shop a half found poem, with Andre Barreau voicing the found part.
Journey 1965 a sequence from the trip my father made back to Silesia with me in the mid-sixties. June’s Birthday Waltz the last poem in the show (it’s not a spoiler) from the Ledbury Poetry Festival 2010 filmed by Pamela Robertson-Pearce with sound by Neil Astley.
The News to Vanishing Point two poems from a key point in the show. StrangeBoy A special film made by Mick Wood